Evaluation of the most appropriate assistive device, eye-controlled and touch-screen vocal communicators, helping and simplifying communications in case of permanent or temporary disability and digital divide. Training, updating and remote technical support.

Marketing & Usability

Evaluation of any type of visual message through specific user test: usability, UX, visual impact, shopping experience and much more. Our solutions aim to understand how an interface, a creativity or an enviroment attract user attention and is used by people.

Eye Tracking Integration

Integration of eye tracking technology in everyday products. Through the development of dedicated interfaces, we can provide new opportunities of interaction with electronic devices, screens or machinery.

Scientific Research

SR Labs is constantly striving to understand the particular needs of research in order to suggest the more suitable eye tracking hardware and to develop new software applications and test batteries dedicated. Demo, rental, sales, assistance and training on eye tracking technology.


The main mission of the company is to extend the use of eye-tracking beyond the field of scientific research, allowing:

  • people to communicate, in spite of digital divide, permanent or temporary disability
  • company to enhance marketing communications towards the consumer, online, offline and in-store
  • company to improve and simplify UX of the end user
  • university to carry on important scientific research

To integrate eye tracking technology in daily and work life, improving the quality and efficiency of people activities, is our scope.
SR Labs aims to carry on with innovation technology and to expand its business globally, continuing to explore new fields of application.

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